Jumping Pact

Half Mag / Half Zine

Many of us probably put our cutlery in the drawer without a second thought.

But one woman, who was curious as to whether she was doing it correctly, has sparked a fierce debate.

The anonymous mum shared a snap of her cutlery drawer on Facebook which was organised with the knives on the left, forks in the middles and spoons on the right.

The picture was captioned: “Everyone has their cutlery in this direction right?!”

Since sharing her question, the post has racked up more than 21,000 reactions from people who held very strong opinions about how it should be done.

While some agreed with the mum’s order, a few others protested that it was wrong, believing that the knife should be in the right-hand position rather than on the left-hand side like she has it.

One said: “Nooo. Forks on the left as most people eat with a fork in that hand and the knife in the right. You’re stressing me out.”

Another person added: “Fork, knife, spoons, your tray is driving me mad.

“I want to come and swap them over, how do you hold your cutlery? I hold a fork in the left hand, knife in the right.”

And a couple of Facebook users didn’t seem too fussed about the order of their cutlery as someone joked: “Randomly changes. Depends who empties the dishwasher.”