Jumping Pact

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Nigel Farage has been trolled after announcing he would be offering personalised messages for members of the public on video platform Cameo.

Bafta-winning film-maker Hassan Akkad, who previously arrived in the UK after fleeing the brutal Assad regime, requested a video from the former UKIP leader.

Mr Akkad shared the exchange on Twitter, where it quickly went viral as many people were left roaring with laughter.

In the message, he requested: “Please say congratulations to my friend Mohammad for being granted asylum in the UK after his perilous boat crossing.

“Please wish him a peaceful life here and that him and his wife have many kids. (Hassan)”

According to screengrabs shared by Mr Akkad, Nigel refused the request, as he replied: “I am not for channel crossings.”

Undeterred, Hassan replied: “Sorry Nigel but Mohammad really likes you because he used to see you on the coast all the time from his hotel in Dover and he thinks you are very good looking.”

In the caption, Hassan, who fled Damascus after being tortured by Assad’s regime, added: “I tried booking Nigel on Cameo, but he rejected my request. Sad.”

His tweet went viral, with more than 2,000 retweets and 17,000 likes.

One person joked: “Brilliant…I’m going to be very disappointed if requests for Nigel to ‘say stuff’ do not become a regular Twitter staple..”

Another replied: “That’s beautifully done. Genius.”

A former English teacher Hassan, who survived a capsizing on his perilous journey to Europe, previously won plaudits after joining the NHS to work as a cleaner on coronavirus wards.

He fled the brutal Assad regime in Damascus after being imprisoned and tortured for taking part in anti-government protests. Both his wrists and one leg had been broken.

In 2015 he was given a camera and filmed his journey for the BBC, which became a focal part of documentary ‘Exodus: Our Journey to Europe’, which gave cameraphones to people being smuggled into Europe/

Footage of the terrifying journeys undertake was awarded the BAFTA for Best Factual Series or in 2017.