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Jalen Hurts on Carson Wentz trade: Ain’t too much of my business

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie reportedly is putting out word he wants Jalen Hurts as the team’s starting quarterback in 2021. The Eagles traded Carson Wentz to the Colts, a deal

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Versace promises a return to glamour in its autumn collection

In recent years, Versace have owned the “you had to be there” fashion show. See a surprise appearance by Jennifer Lopez in 2019, and a surfeit of original supermodels in

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Delta to spend $30 million to offset most of its 2020 impact on climate

Delta Air Lines said on Thursday it would spend more than $30 million to offset 13 million metric tons of carbon emissions over 10 months last year as part of

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EU aims to double chip manufacturing amid growing fears about ‘digital sovereignty’

The European Union wants to double its chip manufacturing output to 20 percent of the global market by 2030. The goal is part of its new Digital Compass plan, announced

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Man says you can prevent smelly garlic breath by cutting the germ out

Whether it’s spread on bread or used in sauces, garlic is a much-loved kitchen staple. But, what we don’t like, is the bad breath that unfortunately comes with it. Thankfully,

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